Seattle Design Festival︎
The Hylomorph

Seattle, Washington
Completed at SABArchitects
with Aaron Ladd, Ian Stevens, Sherif Sugyama, & Shaun Danielson

Installed for two days at the 2019 Seattle Design Festival in Lake Union Park, the Hylomorph is a quickly deployed, economical system of radiata pine plywood and clear beach balls to bring an experience of pure joy. The interior is comprised of a solid atmosphere of beach balls in which small groups of people can enter into and play. The exterior cladding of beach balls mounted to elastic cord allowed the pavilion to move and morph allowing viewers on the exterior to visualize the expanding volume of the interior.  Seating outside the pavilion provided a much needed landing spot for families and friends to enjoy the park and activate the site. At the end of the installation beach balls were given away to visitors and the Bumbershoot Music Festival so parts of it could disperse across the city and continue to bring festivity for the rest of the summer.

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