Power Park︎ 
Coworking Tower

Winner of the Dansforth Award & Exhibited at the Crown Hall Exhibition

Chicago, Illinois
Completed at the Illinois Institute of Technology with Baine Rydin & Teresa Kostova

Bridge Level Perspective

A startup space inspiring growth and innovation in Chicago-based industries, providing a space for businesses small and large to meet, create, and share new ideas, while simultaneously promoting their efforts, via cutting edge technology, to citizens, tourists, and established businesses of the Chicagoland area. A tower preserves a rare green space on the site just outside the loop, while a wide range of floor plates creates a spectrum of workspace environments.

Workspace Perspective
Early Workspace Perspective

Perspective from Across the Chicago River
Early Perspective Drawing
Final Model, Foam Core, Acrylic, Metal Mesh

Public Dining Area and Park Connection Perspective
Concept Model
Program & Floor Plate Diagram

Double Facade System Detail and Detail Elevation
Exploded Axonometric of Facade System

Floor Plans
Floor Plans
Floor Plans
Floor Plans
Floor Plans

Floor Plans
Floor Plans
Structural Steel & Concrete Diagram
HVAC & Passive Cooling Diagram

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