Power Absorbent Landscapes︎
Landscape Castings


'Power Absorbent Landscapes' is a series of six sculptural landscape models produced as part of the art & architecture project ON THE GREAT DIVIDE. Cut from three different regions of Wyoming, each model contains a section of The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, the site for this project. The A-series represents the landscape to a true scale. The B-Series highlights the disproportionate voting power found in Wyoming by allowing the landscape to absorb the high vote worth resulting in an exaggerated elevation model. 'Power Absorbent Landscapes' helps visualize the abstract concept of voting power and becomes a reflection of the peaks and valleys of a divided nation. And yet, the series can also be appreciated simply for the power held by visually stunning landscapes cut out of the earth and brought into your hands.

Angle Mountain 
Coal Mine Ridge

Greive Reservoir

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