Chicago Parks and Recreation︎
Lincoln Park Pool

Chicago, Illinois
Completed at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Entrance Perspective

Sited in Lincoln Park, the program originally called for a private spa. A poor use of public space, a public pool was planned instead that could take advantage of the park’s unique tension of natural landscape and urban surroundings. The pool takes a typically ground level program and lifts it up into the sky to create two spaces. One is a mix of park and pool giving visitors to swim and lounge in the grass on a pleasant summer afternoon. The space under becomes an urban plaza making more direct connections to the adjacent urban fabric. A dedicated pool flows and cycles over the edge forming a direct spatial boundary while filtering views and light to create a distinct sense of place that doubles as fountain that visitors can run through and play around. 

Park Top Elevation
Site Context

Site Study

Longitudinal Section

Form Diagram
Site Plan
First Floor Plan

Top Park Floor Plan

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