Chicago Fire Department︎
Fire Engine No. 99

Exhibited at the Crown Hall Exhibition

Chicago, Illinois
Completed at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Assuming multiple roles, Engine Company no.99 is able to perform its critical tasks while enhancing the surrounding community. With a compact footprint, space directly behind the station is preserved for public use while also ensuring daylighting conditions atypical for a site at the bottom of an urban canyon. In allowing public circulation to weave through the program, the station becomes an entrance marker into the green space adjacent to the station. The first level visually connects the public with the role of the firefighter and has the ability to open up entirely. The second level’s introverted tendencies allow the unkept living areas privacy while providing a usable outdoor courtyard for light which acts as a private outdoor living room.

Fire Response Area
Characteristics of a Firefighter

Program Analysis

Annual Weather
Shade Analysis
Site Plan

Concept Model
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan
North Context Elevation
West Context Elevation

North & South Elevation
East Elevation
Longitudinal Section

Detail Section
Northeast Perspective

Early Rendering

Basswood Model

Perspective from adjacent high-rise

Basswood Model

Basswood Model

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