Aurora Borealis︎ 
Arctic Observatory & Housing

Winner of the Dansforth Award & Exhibited at the Crown Hall Exhibition

Chicago, Illinois
Completed at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Basswood Model of the Observatory

A series of masonry structures located in northern Finland dedicated to the viewing of The Northern Lights. An observatory, remote camping units, and sauna/washroom facilities dot a vast hill to place to provide a focus on being in the woods and observing the lights. The observatory is the showcase piece, acting purely as a lens, gathering people at the entrance, condensing and funneling them on a linear path, and finally expanding out into a large viewing area elevating the significance of the natural phenomenon to be viewed.

Site Analysis
Site Plan

Site Section
Observatory Model, Basswood and Plywood

Observatory Model Details and Site Model
Observatory Upper Floor Plan
Observatory Lower Floor Plan and Sill Detail

Early Observatory Sketch
Observatory Elevation
Observatory Section

Observatory Entrance Elevation
Observatory Viewing Elevation
Observatory Perspective
Camping Unit Persepctive
Camping Unit Interior Perspective
Camping Unit Plans & Elevations
Camping Unit Section, Elevation, & Brick Detail
Camping Unit Detailed Wall Section
Main Facilities Persepctive
Main Facilities Floor Plan
Observatory Model on Exhibit

Observatory Model on Exhibit

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