Process driven Architect & Creative making works:
rooted in distillation
/that counter complexity with cleverness
/that focus on experiential richnes
/& that draw meaning from place, use & craft

I bring an analytical approach to research & to the design process to create spaces that can distill the essence of a site, of history, of context, and/or of a program into a distinctly unique, meaningful & delightful work.

I originally grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Texas, secretly drawing floor plans on notebook paper in my back of my elementary school classrooms. I was remodeling the family bathroom by the time I hit middle school and spent summers remodeling mobile homes in Texas. I continued on to study Interior Design, Art History, and Urban & Regional Planning at the Florida State University before finishing my studies in Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I now have 7 years of experience as a Design Lead, a Project Architect, and as a Technical Architect in the K-12, Higher-Ed, Medical, & Workplace sectors on projects as far off as Montana, as big as a million square feet, and as tall as 43-stories with views of the entire Puget Sound Region. 

I enjoy applying my knowledge by building things and exploring artistic interests.  I re-charge in the backcountry or behind my smoker as Post Oak chars a brisket for 8 hours.  Much of my inspiration comes from time spent in sunrised and sunsets afield hunting and many, many hours spent on the bike.


Louis Vuitton Spark Award Shortlist, 2015
Edson And Fletta Danforth Award, 2014
Edson And Fletta Danforth Award, 2012
Tennyson Hand Rendering Award, 2010

Seattle Design Festival, 2017, 2019
AIA National Emerging Professionals Exhibit, 2018
MCHAP Model Exhibit, 2015
Crown Hall Exhibit, 2011-2015
Horowitz Award Nominee, 2014
Horowitz Award Nominee, 2012
Peterhans Visual Training Award Nominee, 2011

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