I am a Seattle-based designer, thinker, and maker creating spaces that spark a dialogue with the site & landscape, draw meaning from place & context, and celebrate the poetic potential of architecture. I believe it is important to create an architecture that can distill the essence of a site, of a context, or a program into a distinctly unique, and meaningful building. I’m interested in how a project can relate across several scales and how it interacts with larger socioeconomic systems. I originally grew up on the Gulf Coast in Florida and Texas, secretly drawing floor plans on notebook paper in the classrooms of my primary schools. I continued on to study Interior Design, Art History, and Urban & Regional Planning at the Florida State University before finishing my studies in Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I’ve enjoyed applying my knowledge working on construction projects, building furniture, and exploring artistic projects. I gain much of my inspiration from time spent outside hunting and many hours spent on the bike. Two cross-country bike tours have taught me much both directly and indirectly about the beauty in the power of nature as well as the beauty of the more subtle aspects of light, time, pattern, and texture. Currently I’m working on a variety of civic projects in many capacities from working as a project designer, to providing technical assistance on large projects.

Louis Vuitton Spark Award Shortlist, 2015
Edson And Fletta Danforth Award, 2014

Edson And Fletta Danforth Award, 2012
Tennyson Hand Rendering Award, 2010

Horowitz Award Nominee, 2014

Horowitz Award Nominee, 2012
Peterhans Visual Training Award Nominee, 2011
MCHAP Model Exhibit, 2015

Crown Hall Exhibit, 2015
Crown Hall Exhibit, 2014
Crown Hall Exhibit, 2013
Crown Hall Exhibit, 2012
Crown Hall Exhibit, 2011
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